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The Blue Line Network is dedicated to serving all first responders and their families. Our mission is to support and help provide additional resources for all first responders experiencing cumulative PTSD. 

Our history

The Blue Line Network was launched on June 16, 2017 by Robert Quirk, Darren McCarnen and Lynn Simpers. The Blue Line Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and resources to all first responders suffering from the effects of PTSD. Additionally, resources and education are provided for family members of first responders.

First responders include law enforcement officers, fire fighters, EMS and emergency dispatchers. Each of these first responders serve our community each day with bravery and the willingness to put our safety first. They each are faced with many dangerous and stressful situations that leave a lasting impression on them and may cause negative reactions. We are dedicated to providing resources and assistance to any first responder in need. 

Our staff & volunteers

Our staff and volunteers consist of first responders, spouses of those first responders and citizens of the community. These volunteers have a respect for those who are committed to protecting our community.  

We are always looking for highly motivated individuals who are ready and able to help us during fundraising events.  Contact us below.

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